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Located in Auburn, Massachusetts, Killeen Security Products (KSP) proudly manufactures Small Format Interchangeable Cores, Mortise and Rim Housings. All of our products have been made in the USA since 1983.

We manufacture over 15 different keyways for the Small Interchangeable Core products that are interchangeable with Best, Arrow, Falcon & GMS. We have key blanks available for every keyway we supply. KSP manufactures Mortise housings that have both the staked on and screw on cams available. Recently, we have added a covertible Mortise/Rim housing in the following styles: Medeco, Sargent, Schlage, Yale, Corbin Russwin, and our own KSP (SFIC). We supply locksmith tools such as capping blocks, housing wrenches, and staking tools. 


KSP can assist your company in setting up keying systems providing the utmost security for your business. We can set up systems for all levels, from something as complex as a Great Great Grand Master Key system to something as simple as keying alike to a Control Key. We can combinate cores to fit all of your needs and maintain these records for you. KSP is known for cores & housings but we also have the ability to assist our customers with custom applications. If you have a special project, please give us a call. We would welcome any opportunity to be of assistance. 

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Spotlight Product

P/N 614 Capping Strip​

  • List price is $.89

  • These can be used in the A1 style Security Capping Press

  • Cap 4 small format cores with 1 Capping Strip

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