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KSP P/N CPM-SFIC-150 Capping Press

KSP is proud to announce that we now offer a SFIC Capping Press!

Each Capping Press comes with 50 KSP P/N 614 capping strips.

Each capping strip can cap 4 cores.

  • Engineered and built in the USA to ensure a long service life

  • Each Unit is delivered set to OEM capping depth standards

  • Designed to cap small format interchangeable cores with a 0.150” spacing

  • For use with 6 and 7 pin cores

  • Capping Press uses KSP P/N 614 capping Strips (also used for A1 style Security capping press)

  • Capping strip punching die designed for minimum effort

  • Press comes with a 12” long handle, has the option for an extension bar (which increases the length to 20”) and includes a comfortable grip

  • Designed with help from top locksmiths and security professionals in our industry

  • A MUST for high volume operations


Capping Press

Capping press extension handle.jpg

Capping Press Extension Handle

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